To develop, advance and disseminate knowledge of Dental Material issues to benefit the

profession and the society.



To improve and increase knowledge for dental material sciences through innovative basic, and

clinical researches to promote oral health.

To support and encourage the researchers specially young and talented researchers.

To facilitate development and integration of research programs.



To develop and expand the human knowledge in dentistry, especially in dental biomaterials.

2.            To support and provide laboratory, animal, and clinical researches for improving evidence based dental materials sciences.

3.            To collect, prepare and classify documents and articles and publication of them according to mission of DMRC.

4.            To train human resources for research in the field of dental biomaterials. 

5.            To encourage researchers and research collaboration.

6.            To promote cooperation of research and executive centers, in the field of dental biomaterials in Iran .

7.            Scientific and research cooperation with regional and international research centers, educational, health and international organizations with the regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran.

8.            To investigate in the field of appropriate machines, equipments and laboratories to promote dental materials.

9.             Innovation in science and technology in preparation of dental materials in order to facilitate the needs of domestic and professional dental services with a dental community oriented approach and sustained development.


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