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Welcome to Torabinejad Dental Materials Research Center

Dental Materials Research Center (DMRC) is an interdisciplinary resource dedicated to furthering research and  development in dental materials,biomaterials, biomechanic, and nanotechnology. The DMRC, located in the Isfahan School of Dentistry, was established in 2012. The DMRC activities in standardization, ranking of dental biomaterials and evidence based research dentistry are directed toward improvement of dental health service in Iran. The institute is owned jointly by Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Activities are financed by the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellery of Research. Materials testing and consulting services also generate income  .

The DMRC is in collaboration with other Dental Schools and Research Centers across Iran and provides services to government health authorities, academic (including students) and industrial researchers, dental professionals, and the public in Iran in the field of dental biomaterials.

Happy Norooz

Norooz 1398/2019

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